Exceptional Custom Software Development for Start-Ups

Creating a new product from scratch or becoming the next unicorn isn't easy. With CoveyCS as your technology partner, you can make it happen.

Explore Why CoveyCS is the Right Choice

We’re used to tight deadlines and lean practices. We know you want the right outcome with every choice. That’s why we pair you with our highly trained experts. They know how to deliver projects well within your budget and timeline.

Why Choose CoveyCS

It All Starts with Your Technology Vendor

Finding the right technological fit for your startup is crucial. Luckily, we’re here for you every step of the way. Whether you need help figuring out which technology is best for enterprise resource planning or productivity improvement, we’re here to make sure you go with the best option.

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Turning Your Idea into Reality

Not sure what the best route is for developing new software? We can help. We walk you through the process of creating a new software project. You will never be on your own when you choose to work with CoveyCS.

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Pure Privacy

Your intellectual property is the backbone of your idea. You can’t afford to risk losing it to your competitors. That’s why we start every project with a legal and mutual NDA contract. Your privacy is our priority.

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Project Requirements

Before we get started on your startup software development or product, we take stock of the information required to maximize the process. We learn what your goals are, what you expect from us, and what you want out of your software or product. You’ll gain access to our qualified business analysts who work with you to create a customized set of requirements for your project.

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Planning Your Project

Once we have the requirements, we get to work creating a Minimal Viable Product. This allows us to create a plan that gets your application to the market as quickly as possible. .

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Moving to Development

The development stage starts with a development model. Regardless if we use Waterfall or Agile, our engineers will solve problems quickly and efficiently, so your project remains on schedule.

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Professional Support

Before and after your application goes live, we provide high-quality support. As your business needs grow, we happily introduce new functionalities. You can rely on us for premium support.

Experience Makes a Difference for Your Startup

Every startup is unique. We understand that. That’s why you can trust us to deliver powerful solutions that get your project off the ground. The CoveyCS team makes a difference in your project from start to finish.

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Neutral on Tech

We use one criteria to determine if you are using the best technology for your startup—does it do what you need it to? If it does, we recommend it for your startup. If it doesn’t, we won’t. It’s that simple.

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Movable Work Models

We aren’t tied to one specific work model for your project. We use models that include fixed costs and timelines, are material specific, and access to our dedicated team. Flexibility is critical to a successful long-term work model for your startup.

speedometer with WiFi symbol over itQuick deployment

Quick Deployment

You need time on your side as a startup. At CoveyCS, we get on your project right away. You won’t find us wasting time. We’ll ramp up your project within two weeks. Our team means business.

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Better Budget Control

Startups have budgets. We get that. At CoveyCS, our experts are highly trained to stay within your desired budget. But we never sacrifice on quality or service. This process keeps your project on track. You can confidently choose us for budget control project development.


Genuine Commitment

We are passionate about helping our customers make the best business decisions. We want to be your trusted and dedicated technology partner throughout your entire project development process.

CoveyCS: Benefits of working with us

CoveyCS Benefits

  • Experience You Can Count On

    Diverse technology stack experience in countless industries is one of our strong points. No matter what problem your startup faces, we strive to solve it as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Increasing your operating profit and maximizing your productivity improvement are our core focus. Rely on us for the best experience possible.

  • Clear-Cut Pricing

    Our strong business relationships are built on honesty and transparency. Being reliable is a hallmark of our team. That’s the reason we pride ourselves in offering you transparent pricing every step of the way. Making the right decisions for your business often hinges on pricing as a startup. We make sure our clear-cut pricing makes this an easier journey for you.

  • Agile Business Model

    Our agile business model creates genuine value for our customers. With our headquarters located in Utica, NY and staff based exclusively in the US, we proudly provide you with exceptional models that deliver better cost-savings and high-quality service.

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