Staff Augmentation

100% US Based Software Developers | Platform Agnostic | Competitive Pricing

Meet the Accomplished CoveyCS Software Development Team

The CoveyCS dedicated software development team are experts who work when, where, and how you need them most. We deliver expert teams who give you real results for your project.

Why Choose CoveyCS

Versatile Skillsets

Our exceptional team members successfully leverage software development skills in the following areas:

Server and cloud based data


  • Python
  • Node.JS
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Single-page apps:

  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Angular
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Enterprise apps:

  • Java
  • Spring
  • .NET
  • AWS
  • GCP
  • Azure Cloud Automation
  • DevOps using Python & Ansible

USA Based Software Experts

Each member of the CoveyCS team is based in the US. This gives you quick and easy access to qualified experts anywhere you are in the USA. Our team includes the highest level of qualified software engineers, project managers, and software consultants you can find in the world. Each one is trained to build software on-budget and on-time. Build powerful software solutions 100% customized to your unique business.

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The CoveyCS Team Difference

Whether you are looking for professional project management or simply need more powerful business optimization solutions, the CoveyCS team can make all the difference.

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You Are in Total Control

Do you want total control over your development process? Then our professional team members are right for you. Our A team is US based and are readily available when you need them.

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Immediate Access to Qualified Developers

Traditional staff augmentation can take months of recruiting to find the right developers for your project. With CoveyCS, you spend less time and money while cutting out the middleman. Get quick and easy access to expert developers when you use us.

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We Leverage In-House Resources

From using your existing technology and harnessing the talent of your staff, we take a thorough approach to your software development project. Don’t waste your edge. Let us leverage it for you.

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Simplify Your Project Budget

Do you want to control the size of the team you use? Are you looking to meet a specific timeline for engagement? Do you want greater control over your project budget? If so, then the CoveyCS development team is the perfect resource for you. We only charge you for our service, nothing more.

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Access to People Well-Versed in All Major Technologies

Our developers are highly trained in all major technologies. This gives you greater flexibility with your project. Let us match our engineers’ skillset with your software development needs, allowing you to build the strongest possible team for your development project.

The Right Talent for Your Project

The CoveyCS team has extensive experience augmenting highly qualified talent to take on your next project. We can easily fill the gaps in your staff, giving your project the leverage it needs to be successful. Regardless of the technical skills you require, we have the right person for your project.

Top-Talent Engineers

Our rigorous hiring and training system requires every engineer to meet our standards. The result is a ridiculously talented pool of engineers who can give your project a competitive edge. Each engineer on the CoveycS team is US based and is required to have expertise in at least two different technology stacks. They also must be well-versed in versatile development so your unique project needs are met.

Efficient and Always Accessible

Our business model is designed to deliver the highest value at the lowest cost. While our head offices are located in Utica, NY, we are available to connect you with top-tier talent. Let us do the heavy lifting so you can connect with the right people for your next project.

Customer-Focused & Tech-Minded

At CoveyCS, we do more than build powerful engineering teams. We also believe in being the best we can be for each customer we service. In fact, we pride ourselves on our customer-focused culture. Each one of our employees shares a common goal—to help your business thrive. How do we do it? In several ways. First, by delivering superior quality software solutions, and second, by homing in on transparency in our pricing and timelines. Want a faster project completion timeline? If so, then you’ll love working with our team. We’ll ramp-up your project with unparalleled speed. We don’t waste time selecting a dedicated development team chalk full of talented engineers. This gives you an effective team ready to take your project to competition. The best part is, our talented team members are trained to easily adapt to your changing project without negatively effecting their performance. Want transparent pricing? We can do that too. We provide fair, transparent pricing for every stage of your project. We told you we are customer-focused, and we mean it. When you choose CoveyCS you’re choosing a true technology partner.

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