CoveyCS develops and delivers innovative products from initial idea to completion

Want to Breathe Life Into Your Idea? We can help.

Enhanced & Optimized Software

The CoveyCS team creates enterprise applications that are designed to streamline, optimize, and completely automate your company. Unlocking your businesses potential is what our software does best. Whether you need a quality evaluation service or if you require help identifying gaps and redundancies in your software, we are qualified to help. If you want software that functions leaps and bounds ahead of what you have now, choose the CoveyCS team.

Why Choose CoveyCS

Agile Software Development

We aren’t shy about jumping headfirst into your software idea. Whether you require a dedicated development team from idea to prototype release or if you are looking for minor support, we are able to maximize your software development.

Our agile methodology is ideal for product development where there are unknown variables. Flexible enough to accommodate virtually any changes in your business environment, we are the right fit if you require full-scale development.

Our experience has proven we are capable of building hundreds of products at exceptional rates. We can do the same for you. Let us implement our expertise on your behalf. Creative and innovative solutions are what we do best.

Business-Centric Software

Our team works tirelessly to not only build viable software solutions for your business but also to determine what type of software will make your business more efficient. Producing exceptional quality solutions is what we do best. Let our team take over your product development.

We’ll create real value for your business through system integration that works with your business process. Stop worrying about the best way to integrate new software. Put your trust in the hands of experienced developers when you choose CoveyCS.

Innovative Technology

We believe in using the best technology for your business process. We don’t believe in promoting a specific set of technologies just because we feel it’s the best. Instead, we let our customers project lead the way.

Your business is unique. So is your project. Our approach to choosing technology supports our customer-centric mission. Selecting the right stack makes all the difference, and you can rest easy knowing we will.

Don’t let technology become the burden of your project. Our seasoned team of developers will analyze your business demands and choose technology that is flawless, through and through.

Product Development Partnership

Developing and refining your product isn’t one-dimensional. At CoveyCS, we want to be your trusted development partner. From testing the viability of the product to building prototypes and beyond, we partner with you to help you create a better product. No matter where you are in your product development stage, we aim to be your partner well beyond your initial idea.

Aligning your product with your business’ well-established values and mission, we develop a partnership that can withstand the test of time. Once we complete your product, we want to be there to support you as the path moves forward. True product development is an ongoing process. And that’s a process we are willing to stand by your side through.

Our Product Development Lifecycle

Magnifying glass with arrow line chart

Analyzing what your business needs is critical before you move forward with product development.

Laptop with brush creating design in window
UI Design

Our experts will leverage UI design to improve the performance of your product as well.

Person in an "idea" light bulb

It all starts somewhere. Whether you want to develop a completely new product or if you want to build on an existing product, we can help.

Globe with magnifying glass over it
Business Research

The next phase of the lifecycle is to research the potential market for your product idea. Analyze the demand for your idea, specific features it should include, and how you can bring those features into your product.

Browser with cog wheels in it
Development & Testing

Once we’ve done research, we then move forward with development and testing. This involves building prototypes and then modifying them according to the information that comes through the development phase. Coming up with a finished product that your customers want is what we do best. We also provide quality evaluation service to strengthen your product idea.

Laptop with WiFi symbol in screen

Next, we work on deploying your product to the market. This involves promotion and potentially additional market research.

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Let us work on upgrading your product as needed based on the market’s response.

Customer support with cog wheel inside

Rely on our seasoned professionals for product support every step of the way.

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