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Mikhael’s Trip to Lebanon

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Our Assistant Software Developer, Mikhael, returned this week from a three and a half week family trip to Lebanon. Mikhael journeyed to his home village of Aynata, Lebanon to visit his extended family. During his trip he took several excursions, visiting ruins, cities, festivals, and the Mediterranean Sea, and more.

Mikhael's favorite outing was his visit to the Temple of Jupiter in Baalbek, a Lebanese Bedouin city. The Temple of Jupiter was a Roman pagan temple dedicated to the cult of Zeus in the 2nd or 3rd century. The ruins feature partially standing pillars and walls of what is believed to be the main building in a large court of the original temple.

He also spent time in Jounieh, a borough in Beirut, where he and his family swam in the Mediterranean Sea and visited the Our Lady of Harissa (Lebanon), a Marian shrine in Harissa Park. The 15-ton bronze statue sits atop a pillar of stone.

Among his travels, Mikhael and his family visited the Maronite monastery of Saint Maron, the burial place of Saint Charbel Makhlouf, a Lebanese Maronite Monk, and Priest who was canonized by the Catholic Church in 1977.

In his family's home village of Aynata, he participated in a mahrajan (festival) where members of his village performed comedy and music.

During his stay, the village also celebrated Saint Mary's Day. The celebration took place in a tiny neighboring village of Beshwet. Traditionally, he and his family, who are potato farmers, ate various potato dishes, lit fireworks, and visited the Shrine of Our Lady of Beshwet.