Lean Manufacturing

Are You Ready to Tackle Lean Manufacturing?

The journey into smart manufacturing isn’t easy for any business. CoveyCS provides full-scale support to make your manufacturing both lean and smart. Our team works hand-in-hand with manufacturers to help scale their businesses with powerful smart technology. With an increase in competition, and that competition having access to enhanced technology, now is the time to invest smartly. Software development is critical to this process. At CoveyCS, we’ll help you develop and utilize powerful manufacturing software. Don’t get left behind. Maximize lean manufacturing.

Why Choose CoveyCS

Our Software Solutions for Powerful Manufacturing

Smart technology is complex. Good thing you have our team on your side. We’ll help you understand manufacturing from your plant floor through to the front end. The result is successful scalability of your business. From helping you select to building fully integrative software that supports the manufacturing process every step of the way, you can rely on us for the best results. We’ll deliver a single database that includes:

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Accounting Finance

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Production & Scheduling

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Materials & Inventory

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Machine Data & Reporting

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Operations &

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Human Resources & Front-end Operations

What to Expect from CoveyCS Assistance for Your Manufacturing Enterprise

Only one step of the journey is picking the right solution for your manufacturing company. The other half of the battle is helping you realize the return on your investment as quickly as possible. That’s where we can help. Our expertise and experience enable to provide the best manufacturing software solutions for your organization. Here are a few benefits of working with our team for your manufacturing enterprise.

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Capitalizing on Your Investment

We use our countless years of industry experience to eliminate the noise surrounding your manufacturing processes. This helps you reach your goals quickly and for an affordable price.

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Risk Reduction

If your manufacturing company does not have ERP consultants on staff, then you need the CoveyCS team to support your business. We’ll give you unlimited access to our experience and expertise so your project has fewer risks attached to it.

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Fast-Track Your Deployment

Your organization is unique. We get that. That’s why we help you create and execute a plan that works with your goals, resources, and experience. The result is better manufacturing processes.

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Complete Manufacturing Process Integration

Complex manufacturing processes demand unique manufacturing process integration. The CoveyCS team can happily and gladly integrate all your complex manufacturing processes, regardless of what those might be. You can count on us to get your software and data flowing seamlessly so you can easily manage your production machine integration, quality compliance, task allocation, product information management, and more. Let us handle the big stuff so you can focus on your business.

Ready to Start?

Ready to Get Going?

Let our experts guide you through your manufacturing process with premium manufacturing software solutions that are designed according to your needs. We’ll deliver your project well within your desired timeline and budget. When you work with CoveyCS, you can guarantee our number one focus is on delivering value for our customers.

Implementing an Effective Manufacturing Software System

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Understanding Your Infrastructure

Manufacturing is a complex process. That’s why CoveyCS gets to work learning the ins and outs of your manufacturing process first. This process involves analyzing your current IT and software infrastructure processes. And we won’t skim over your future goals and challenges along the way. Why do we do this? Because it’s the only way to build a solid foundation for designing a new process.

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The Design Process

Once we understand your infrastructure and challenges, we put our heads together to create and build a new integrating system that aligns all your moving parts. This includes architecture, UI/UX interfaces, and user scenarios.

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The Development Process

Once we have your approval regarding the requirements and design plan, we’ll start implementing or building your new manufacturing system. You can rest easy during this phase of the project, as our experts are qualified software developers and experienced project managers.

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Deploying Your Solution

Up next, we deploy your chosen solution. We’ll carefully integrate your solution with your current manufacturing processes. This also includes educating your staff and migrating data. Our talented support team is flexible to answer your questions before during and after deployment.

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Ongoing Support

Long after your software is implemented or designed, we’ll be there to support you. That includes ongoing training for your staff and answering questions about available upgrades. No matter what type of support you require, you can rely on us for professional guidance.

Reliable ERP and MRP Development and Selection

Your manufacturing business needs more than off-the-shelf software. It needs customization. It needs functionality. And it needs to work the way you want it to. That’s why the CoveyCS team provides reliable ERP and MRP development and selection services to fit your manufacturing business.

CoveyCS Advantage

The Advantages of Choosing CoveyCS

  • When you hire CoveyCS, you gain access to extensive experience in the manufacturing software industry. We also maximize agile business models, transparent pricing, and scalability to give you the best possible tools. Reach out to us for better support for your manufacturing software needs.

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