Maintenance & Support

Reliable Software Maintenance

It’s time to leave software maintenance to the professionals. CoveyCS software maintenance takes the sting out of managing your solutions, leaving you to focus on your business. Our team provides proficient and professional software maintenance solutions for both custom built and most third-party applications. From taking a process audit to analyzing what the best software for business solutions is, we’re proud to be your software maintenance partner.

Why Choose CoveyCS

Maintenance and Support Designed with You In Mind

Each client who chooses CoveyCS receives a unique program. That program includes support technique and maintenance solutions that support their needs first. Our approach to creating a custom CoveyCS solution or transitioning you to a third-party system is the same. We stay cognizant of your needs and provide a service that delivers on your expectations. We’re problem solvers. We’re professionals. We’ll fit your budget and your deadlines—guaranteed.

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24/7 Full-Support

No more wandering in the wilderness for you. With CoveyCS support services on your side, even your most demanding needs can be met. With 24/7 support services available, you’ll feel empowered to manage anything that comes your way.

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All-Inclusive L1/L2/L3 Support

We are proud to provide you with unbeatable user support and guidance. That guidance encompasses the optimization of your system’s functionality, source code problems, and developing a system for improving performance. No technical support need is beyond our capabilities. Trust us with all your support needs.

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Hands-On Consistent Monitoring

Want uninterrupted business services? Of course, you do! Every business needs a secure solution that looks out for the ins and outs of your business. The CoveyCS specialists are happy to create an automated system that not only quickly diagnoses but also responds to any potential application problem. Level up your solutions with hands-on consistent monitoring for your business.

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Foolproof Security Audits & Regular Updates

Whether you need a process audit to determine where gaps are in your security or if you simply need a qualified team to manage regular security updates, we can help. Don’t let your business fall victim because your system is vulnerable. Our engineers can quickly audit your system to identify problems that can lead to more serious issues down the line. Protect your business sand your platform, with our regular and reliable security updates.

Our Advantages and Approach

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Fast & Friendly Responses

Our global business model and talented staff are able to support your business day-in and day-out. Your software should be reliable and secure. Our friendly and efficient team is happy to keep your business running smoothly and better able to withstand any issue that pop-ups.

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Business Intelligent

The stability of your software solution has a direct effect on your business. That’s why we focus first and foremost on making your software as reliable as possible. Reliability is critical. Once we secure your software, you can rest easy knowing its in good hands. After that, you can confidently turn to us when you need new features added. Business intelligent software support is what we do best.

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Proven Support Processes

We use an established, reliable, procedure for both responding to and reporting any issues you have. This unique and customized service ticket system prioritizes your issue according to your Service Level Agreement with us. We also make it easy to track your progress and outcomes in real-time with our unique support processes. Stay secure with our support process.

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Customer-Focused Support

When we say we care about helping our customers, we mean it. We prove it with our customer-focused support systems. Our specialists not only commit to keeping your application running smoothly, but they also stay focused on giving you incredible customer experience. Never hesitate to ask them questions, no matter how big or small they might be.

Transiting from Third-Party Applications

When things don’t work out between you and your current application, CoveyCS can help. We transform projects that other developers start, to give you a flawless transition to high-quality software you’ll be happy with. Here’s how we navigate the transition process.

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Each third-party application transition starts with an evaluation. We dive deep into your current application to see what exactly is going wrong. Once we do that, we determine the best path forward through extensive brainstorming sessions with our seasoned experts.

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Detailed Planning

After we perform our evaluation, our experts get to work coming up with a detailed plan to track your application’s performance. We’ll analyze performance bugs, and prioritize improvement goals, and isolate your timeline and budget.

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Quick Moving

Next, we strive to get your project back where it needs to be. We know that the time it takes to do this directly affects your business’s performance. Our specialists will get to work quickly resolving the issue. This prevents any downtime from damaging your effectiveness.

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Generalized Maintenance

Improving your system and bringing it into the future is our focus. Our business solutions include maintenance for your system. Once we know what your third-party application problems are, we move forward towards building technology that is strong enough to handle whatever is thrown at it. Then, we maintain that software by improving features over time. This might involve consulting, where necessary.

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