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We are passionate about solving complex software problems quickly. Growing your business through leading customized software development puts your business ahead of the competition. Providing the highest quality of customer service is what we do best. It’s time to optimize your business for the future with the latest technology.

Why Choose CoveyCS

The Dark Side of Legacy Software

There comes a time when your legacy software begins to do more harm than good. While it may have been good ‘ole reliable in the past, it could be stifling your growth as a company today. Not convinced? Here are a few facts that might persuade you to the contrary.

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Maintenance on an outdated legacy software system could be costing you much more than implementing a brand-new software system. When the cost of maintaining your legacy software outweighs the benefits, give us a call.

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Your company is growing. Your legacy system isn’t. Legacy software is not built with configurability in mind. If your legacy software is struggling to keep up, it’s time to invest in a new software solution.

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Compliance Gaps & Security Risks

It’s a fact, the older your legacy software is, the more risk it poses to your business. Data security has evolved over the years. Compliance measures also have increased. If you’re using a legacy software, chances are you are behind the curb and could be exposing your business to data leaks and security problems.

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Do you have a software system that is built on ancient technology or systems built by developers no longer in business? If so, you will find it nearly impossible to integrate your legacy system with newer features and systems. Irreconcilable software systems will cost you more in the long run.

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Poor Morale—For Customers & Employees

If your legacy system is reducing productivity efficiency, it could lead to some very upset customers and employees. Problems with communication, fulfillment, and billing can weaken your business internally and externally.

Legacy Software Replacement Options

You don’t have to deal with the dark-side of legacy software. When you work with CoveyCS’s dedicated team of software engineers, you can rise above these problems in a methodical and thoughtful way. We’ll help you get your systems up-to-date and improve your productivity efficiency. Here are a few ways you can replace your legacy software safely and effectively.

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For most of our clients, the best way to replace an existing software system is to systematically, piece by piece, remove and replace components one at a time. We start by removing the most problematic components to avoid disrupting your organization.

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Preserving Data & Logistics

We preserve your business process to avoid any serious issues during migration. This protects your data and logistics along the way.

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Implementing Leading Technologies

We add new and improved leading technologies and integrate these with modernized systems. By using current technologies, we are able to deliver a sleek, intuitive user experience for you and your team. Let our skilled designers create attractive interfaces that make you more productive.

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Complete System Integration

We want to eliminate the frustration surrounding your current legacy systems. Stop dealing with errors that don’t need to occur. We’ll replace your systems where necessary to give you a smooth system integration transition.

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Consolidating Operations

We go beyond data management. Instead, we happily replace your legacy systems to automate workflow, consolidate tasks, and decrease the time you spend on systems management. This allows you to increase productivity efficiency.

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Business-Results Focused

System integration should be focused on one thing—positive business outcomes for you. We design systems that replace your legacy software with new systems that improve your business outcomes quickly and easily. Let us create a solution that empowers your business.

System Replacement—What Can We Do For You?

The CoveyCS’s team includes experienced engineers and experts who are well-equipped to work with a variety of technologies and applications. Do you need help with ERP systems? What about mobile apps for your e-Commerce? How about custom software solutions? We can help with all of the above. Let us bring your current systems up-to-date with exceptional solutions customized to your organization.

How We Do It:
  • Isolate the gaps.
  • Analyze Your Current Capacity
  • Uncover Your Existing Problems
  • Discuss Your Needs
  • Help You Make a Decision
We can handle everything from filling in the gaps to completely rebuilding your software, with the help of our seasoned developers. Give us a call to learn more about our legacy software migration services.

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