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Taking the steps beyond research for your project can be the hardest task to push forward. Even if you’ve started your project and need help growing, mentorship, funding and basic business functions may be out of reach.

Incubators and accelerators have become a very popular and attainable way to get your project started or to scale you project to profit. Many community colleges, universities, and not-for-profits are starting to develop and provide incubator and accelerator services to develop businesses to help positively impact the economy.

What can an incubator or accelerator do to help start and grow your project? Which is right for my project? Both provide a great environment to start or grow your project. There are a couple of key differences between incubators and accelerators. You can find an incubator or accelerator below.

Here are a few differences:


Incubators are focused on seed to startup ventures. Incubators accept local business in order to strengthen the area’s economy. Incubators usually do not provide funding for projects. Incubators focus on longevity of the startup. There may be a fee for startups, but unlike accelerators, no equity is exchanged for services.


Accelerators are focused on existing businesses with a structures business model. Accelerators may accept local to global businesses. Accelerators aim to help grow business, including putting businesses in front of investors for funding. Accelerators usually have a timeline you may have to research while applying. Accelerators may also want a percentage of equity for investment.

Where can I find an incubator or accelerator?

We have developed a list of incubators and accelerators across New York State for you. Find your county and hit the button for a list of incubators and accelerators in your area.

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