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Focus On What Matters Most

Instead of working about the nitty gritty of various software services, with help from CoveyCS you can focus on growing your business. When your business expands, so do your systems. Our custom applications provide automation wherever possible. Along the way, we help cut costs and increase transparency. If you’re looking for fully customized solutions, you’re in the right place.

Why Choose CoveyCS

Optimize Your Business Processes

Custom software application is the key to generating significant ROI. Our customers consistently report better accountability, increased efficiency, and reduce your overhead. You can trust us for streamlined and optimized business processes. Here are just a few ways you can optimize your business processes with our help.

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Integrative Inventory Solutions

Our custom software application integrates all your inventory management processes giving you a time-saving solution to your inventory woes.

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Reducing Front-Office Operations

Looking for a better way to cut down on employee and contractor management hassle? Then our single sign-on application solutions can help. We’ll make it easier to track the progress of employees and assign tasks.

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Easy Payments

Want to consolidate your third-party payment functions under one software application? Then you’ll love our easy payment processes. We’ll help you help your customers with our payment platform software applications.

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Consolidate Employee Tools

Easily connect your employees with our single sign-on system. Our custom application is ready and able to handle your employee tools including reporting, work functions, and internal communication all in one location.

Software for Better Business Solutions

Never wonder if you have the right information to make better business decisions thanks to our custom CoveyCS software application solutions. You can rely on our software to help you every step of your business journey. From helping you develop a minimum viable product to coming up with a new business plan, our software gives you the right information to take the next step.

Computer with tree to various segments of business
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Shipping Information

Help your employees do their job by investing in a custom application for their mobile device. Or choose to go paperless with digital custom orders and shipping information for your customers. The options are limitless.

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Timekeeping for Your Employees

Make the timekeeping process automated with our custom applications. Save time and money, make your employees more accountable, and improve transparency, all with our timekeeping solutions.

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Custom Dashboard System

Put a finger on the pulse of your business by logging into a custom made dashboard system that is designed to support your business. Trust us for better dashboard functionality.

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Custom Software

Our customized proprietary software can increase your company performance and provide you with an unbeatable IP asset. Both of these benefits can give you a leg up on the competition.

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Expand Your Business

Whether you are interested in adding on to your current team, wanting to add new locations to your current business, or simply grow your customer base, our custom systems can accelerate that growth. We want to help you create more opportunities for growth in your business. With custom software, we do precisely that.

Ready to get started?

Ready to Get Started?

Our experts are happy to help you navigate every stage of creating a custom software solution. We’ll deliver projects well within your budget and time constraints. Our primary focus is generating value for our customers, so you can trust us to get the job done right. So, what does our process look like?

Custom Software Creation—Our Process

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Start by Understanding Your Requirements

Everything has a starting place, and for our custom software creation, it all starts with understanding your business requirements. We take your current and future goals into account. This helps us see precisely what is required from the design process.

Laptop with brush designing layout

Moving Onto the Design

Next, we align all the many moving parts of your custom software design into one cohesive plan. That includes UI/UX interfaces, user scenarios, and architecture.

Browser window with code symbol in screen


After we finalize the previous two steps, we start building your system. We let our expert software developers, business analysts, QA engineers, and project managers handle this step in building your custom software.

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Next, we do our part to make sure the launch of your custom software goes seamlessly. This involves integrating it with your business processes, migrating data, and even training your team.

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Complete Support

Best of all, we are proud to provide you with unlimited and complete support. We even offer a guaranteed warranty with every product we create. You can count on our customer support and system updates for exceptional long-term results.

CoveyCS Advantage

The Advantage of Choosing CoveyCS

  • With extensive technology stack experience, a lean business model, transparent fees, extensive room to scale, and even a customer-centric culture. Rely on us for strategic planning and support for your business, no matter its size.

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