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How We Work

We are there with you right from your initial designs to post-launch support. Whether you’ve looked at custom software for your organization or if you’ve only just heard the term “DevOps” before, our engineers and consultants are here for you. Our DevOps Automation service includes the team behind our design, maintenance, development, and launch maintenance solutions and software. Our DevOps team consists of the world’s best software engineers, analysts, and developers. We partner with your organization for full lifecycle support. Never rely on inexperienced developers for your software solutions or applications. Choose the best for better service and choose CoveyCS.

Why Choose CoveyCS

Our DevOps Services

Do you want the flexibility of the cloud environment, but need help getting there? The CoveyCS engineering teams are well-versed in domain knowledge and can help you maximize the best set of services available to your business. We’ll take your project all the way from assessment and consulting through to full-scale implementation—complete with advanced infrastructures. Save big on maintenance costs with leading DevOps services from our team. Learn more about what our team is capable of down below.

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Professional Infrastructure Design for High Load Demands

We develop horizontally scalable cloud infrastructure designs alongside automation of your infrastructure provisioning and configuration. Even if you have a small project, proper infrastructure design can maximize your system so it can support high load demands. When we work with your infrastructure, we also specialize in monitoring your system, backups and disaster recovery, and even product building and release automation. The result is a self-healing infrastructure that benefits every aspect of your business. .

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Load Testing

Part of developing an automated solution is testing the load it can bear. We design a strategy that includes testing the infrastructure through and through. We also continuously test systems and consult with our clients to find room for improvement in their current system. By doing so, we deliver a more comprehensive service to each of our clients.

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Consulting and Auditing

The CoveyCS team provides a software audit and consultation for our clients nationwide. We start our software audits by reviewing your existing infrastructure. This allows us to see exactly where your troubles lie. We work with you to define architectural goals and requirements and consult with you to figure out where design and improvements can be added.

Cloud with cog wheel
Powerful Cloud Migration

We take a comprehensive approach to powerful cloud migration. How do we do it? We start by gathering requirements and designing cloud replacement for your on-premises infrastructure. This allows our experienced team to define the right migration plan and costs. Once we nail that down, we get to work executing the migration process or designing hybrid cloud and multi-cloud solutions.

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Professional Operational Systems Maintenance

Looking for a team of seasoned experts who can define systems SLAs, monitor and notify you of incidents, automate failovers, or upscale or downscale consumed resources? If so, we’re the right team to hire. Our professional approach to operational systems maintenance is second to none.

CoveyCS’s Capabilities and Technologies

Our team of software engineers holds many years of experience in a wide variety of technologies. While other countries are locked in with specific technologies, we are technology flexible. We can use whatever technology is best for your business. That means we can select the best programs, systems, and languages that will benefit your business. We’re here to meet your unique needs. What are we capable of? Check out our list of capabilities below.

Server and cloud databases
Reliable Cloud Services

We build custom-designed cloud software to strengthen your business. The world is changing. Your business requires more agility and flexibility to excel. Fortunately, the CoveyCS team is proficient in a wide array of development tools. Whether you are looking to add basic cloud services like extra storage, computing, or networking or more advanced managed services like noSQL and SQL databases, or advanced security, Big Data, ML, Ai, and IoT services, our seasoned team is happy to help. The Best Cloud Providers

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The Best Cloud Providers

If you’re looking to work with an organization that has connections with the most reliable cloud providers available, we want to be that team. We give you direct and easy access to the best and largest cloud providers. Our team will happily migrate your existing systems or even build you a new application from scratch on Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud.

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Automating your Network

We also specialize in network automation. Why do it? To automate key processes and free up your team’s energy and resources. We’ll happily automate networks such as Chef, Puppet, and Ansible. We’re also highly proficient at automation on Google, Amazon, and Microsoft systems.

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E-commerce Applications

If your business sells products or services online, a custom e-commerce application is an essential competitive advantage. CoveyCS builds applications that streamline payment, inventory, reporting, and security to keep your business thriving.

Effective Agile Development through DevOps Automation

You can count on us to improve build quality, accelerate applications, improve the reliability of your applications, maximize your team’s collaboration, and even simplify your software development, with DevOps Automation solutions from CoveyCS. Let us manage your industrial automation, process automation and manage your automated software.

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