Hackathon 13 - Syracuse NY

CoveyCS Sponsoring Hackathon XIII in Syracuse

We are proud to announce our sponsorship in Hack Upstate’s Hackathon XIII April 6th and 7th 2019. Our Vice President of Engineering “Doc” will also be a judge for the event. This is an exciting opportunity to network and interact with the technology community here in Central New York. The event is hosted by The Tech Garden of Syracuse. Hack Upstate holds hackathons twice a year in the spring and fall.

Hack Upstate Hackathon VIII - Syracuse

Hack Upstate’s hackathons were created to help build and keep tech talent in the area. They recognized the area’s outstanding STEM programs through our local universities and also saw the issue of that talent leaving. In 2013, Hack Upstate started their Hackathon to combat this issue.

Hack Upstate boasts placement of developers with multiple Upstate NY businesses. They have also built strong partnerships with local companies like us to help create and run other events such as Careers in Code, kids programming classes and other free resources for local residents. Hack Upstate’s Hackathons are only growing, and its impact is becoming more significant.

As a growing software company, we pride in participating in these events. Technology is ever growing and having an innovative leader like “Doc” judging allows the participants the opportunity to get real feedback from community tech leaders. This also allows us to see the growing talent pool of developers and help give them a suitable means to stay local. We have the great opportunity to help support Careers in Code as well.

What is a Hackathon?

According to Dave Fontenot’s article onMedium.com: “Hackathons provide a venue for self-expression and creativity through technology. People with technical backgrounds come together, form teams around a problem or idea, and collaboratively code a unique solution from scratch — these generally take shape in the form of websites, mobile apps, and robots.”

Hackathons are becoming more and more popular and developers at these events are creating apps and software to resolve common yet overlooked problems. Some recent ideas developers had at Hackathon XII were an app to help optimize open house data and an app to streamline fantasy football picks week to week and save time.

What Are the Business Benefits to Hackathons?

Hackathon VIII - Syracuse April 6 & 7

Hackathons provide a ton of great benefits to participants, businesses, and the community. Hackathons provide a way for developers to build solutions to real world problems they find every day in their community.  There are great benefits for businesses as well to participate or host an event like this.

If your business has in house developers, this can be a great team building exercise outside of the office. Your team will also get to meet other developers and exchange ideas and knowledge about technologies. It also allows you to recruit up and coming talent you might not have met otherwise.

Hackathons are amazing incubators for small business ideas as well. Many new applications and web sites are in the beginning development stage after a hackathon. This gives the benefit of having your initial steps complete and may get you in the door of a venture capitalist or other investors. Networking is another great benefit for a potential startup coming from a hackathon. Front-end developers may team up with a back-end developer and a partnership could develop from the competition.

Hackathons have created projects that have had a significant social impact from helping solve hunger issues to cybersecurity and cryptocurrency. Some examples of projects that became businesses with social impact are TXT MD. TXT MD allows for viral disease diagnosis over SMS for developing nations. Another great example is ReportTaka. ReportTaka is a reporting platform to notify of waste disposal in Nairobi. The lasting effects of hackathons are very large and can have an amazing effect on an area.

CoveyCS Sponsor and Judge HAckathon VIII - Syracuse

How to Participate

We’re looking forward to judging and sponsoring Hackathon XIII. We are extremely excited to see the projects and developers working together and solving problems. If you would like to learn more about Hack Upstate’s Hackathons or participate in future events, you can email Jesse Peplinski or Doug Crescenzi here or call at 315-409-3514. To learn more about us and our software solutions, email us, or call 315-738-6016.