Continuous Improvement Program

Continuous Improvement Program

We provide consulting and software support for businesses in both manufacturing and those in need of automation and data organization. Through our Continuous Improvement Program, our team regularly reviews software to determine if it aligns with peak performance, business process, and best software utilization.

Consulting and Software Support

The Continuous Improvement Program offers consulting services that drive productivity and in turn, profitability.

Software Performance vs. Expectations

We start by identifying automation opportunities, business process, and software pain points. Automation allows your business to save time and energy. We isolate areas in your business process that could be better managed through automation. Once we identify those areas, we create a plan that bridges the gaps in software process performance that are not meeting your business’ requirements. This ensures your software is working for you, not against you. Productivity and profitability increase as a result.

Development or Refinement of Business Requirements

Determining where changes are necessary is a difficult inside job. Our objective and discerning team provides insight into where adjusting business requirements can benefit your organization and support the ongoing success of your business processes.

Future software needs may also play an important role in improving your business processes. We recommend dynamic plans to ensure the advice we provide meets your requirements, processes, and greater business and software growth over time.

Our careful approach to software refinement empowers your team to perform at their best.

IT and Continuous Improvement Management (CIM)

Software is an IT solution. Through our Continuous Improvement Program, we recommend leading IT, Software and CIM planning through strategic goal setting sessions. We offer coaching more in-depth, hands-on support that gets you closer to the key IT results, software, and within continuous improvement departments on your team.

Accountability is another critical component of a successful improvement program. We help you institute an accountability guideline that works toward goal achievements and the recognition of underperformance. Employees thrive in an environment where they have specific targets that contribute to benefits across the board. IT software supports that environment.

By applying best practices to your management strategies, we help you drive timely changes and improvements for your business.


Proper Alignment is vital for success while participating in our Continuous Improvement Program. That is why it is at the core of what we do. Our team aligns your current processes and software operations to meet your business requirements. Discord between your software and your goals leads to frustration and lost time. We focus on the continued evaluation of process and software operations to ensure all are properly aligned and set up for success.

Management of Underperformance

Underperformance is a threat to any business. Through our program, we show you how to manage it effectively.

First, through measurement, testing, and tracking of changes and improvement strategies.

Data management isolates where improvements have been made and areas where your team could still be struggling. In the process, you see firsthand where those errors are, ensuring that radical changes are made.

Armed with this information, we help you identify lingering pain points and recommend an action plan that puts your business back on track. Awareness is an unmistakably important part of this process.

We help you identify IT, software or continuous improvement team and management weaknesses. Once those weaknesses are brought to the light of day, we recommend and refine your adjustments. When implemented, those adjustments give rise to a better way of managing your business.

Part of the battle every business faces is in identifying new or developing deficiencies as they arise. Catching them before they become more serious is part of our job. We isolate those issues throughout your business processes. We also focus on software or new software implementation errors that could contribute to greater pain points in the future.

Successful Continuous Improvement

To be successful, Continuous Improvement Programs must adhere to the following:

  • Leadership Supported

    Leadership must not only hire someone to isolate pain points, but also conform to the suggestions made through the program. This shows employees that the changes are worth being made.

  • Focused on Prevention

    Continuous improvement is about prevention of larger issues. Instead of rewarding employees who resolve problems once they begin, our goal is to incentivize prevention of problems long before they must be resolved.

  • Long-term Focused

    Continuous improvement is just that—continual. It is a never-ending job. However, it should always be focused on the long-term. Small, continuous improvements to your software, automation, and business processes can lead to impressive long-term gains if implemented correctly. Sticking with an agreed upon course produces the results your organization needs.

    Our Process

    At CoveyCS, we have successfully helped multiple businesses with data management and continuous improvement. We are ready to assist your company achieve results, increase revenue, and decrease performance gaps. Our consulting services are delivered through phone, video conference, in-office, or on-site sessions via an agreed upon regular schedule. Each session is designed to support the specific goals you have for your organization or business. We recommend monthly or quarterly commitment for a minimum of one year to see improvement in your business processes. Through our consulting service, we also provide software support. This support includes thorough reviews of your business at regular intervals for the continuous improvement of your business. We look at software utilization to isolate where changes can be made to better use the software you already possess. And finally, we look at the performance of your team and business. If your organization or business requires continuous improvement support through software and business integration, please reach out to us today.

    Call us at 315-738-6016 for a free evaluation.