Join Jason Covey during an interactive seminar discussing the types of waste affecting businesses today. Learn how implementing small changes and tools can improve your process and increase revenue. Identify waste and compare your business with real-world examples of how challenging your current process can dramatically impact efficiency, profits, and improvement.

Explore Continuous Improvement Tools

Identify Types of Waste

Implement Changes that decrease waste & improve profits

Real-World Improvement Examples

Measure & Analyze Process Efficiency

Find & Assess Changes To Improve Your Process

Interactive Q&A

1 to 1 Personalized Meeting Sign Ups*

Who Should Attend?

» Progressive Senior and Middle Management who acknowledge or are tasked with taking their business to the next level.

» Manufacturers interested in cutting costs and increasing revenue.

» Manufacturers seeking to reduce waste and increase efficiency

» Manufacturers interested in process improvement.

» Manufacturers or businesses with less than 150 employees.