CoveyCS Joins Hack Upstate for Careers in Code.

We have the great opportunity of partnering with Hack Upstate for Careers in Code in Syracuse at The Tech Garden. Careers in Code is a new bootcamp run by Hack Upstate that is aimed to help local minorities and women learn to code and potentially give career opportunities. The program is one effort to help boost the local economy and bring prosperity to CNY residents.

Careers in Code Opening day
Opening day for Careers in Code.

Careers in Code is a 24 week Bootcamp designed to teach students the basics of computer and software programming. The goal of Careers in Code is to help combat poverty locally by giving opportunities for development internships and entry-level positions with local employers. Careers in Code also provides financial support and laptops to provide students the opportunity to thrive.

Careers in Code accepted 12 local students for its inaugural Bootcamp. The curriculum was designed by local partners to ensure it met real-world job requirements. The students will participate in a capstone project designed to use the skills they will learn as full stack developers.

The course will familiarize students with the various aspects of development. Students learn front end design and visual basics. This includes UI/UX design and responsive web design and development. They learn programming basics and JavaScript to implement frameworks such as Node.JS. They learn backend integrations and the use of frameworks and API’s to create working apps faster. They also learn how to design and integrate databases for systems such as blogs and e-commerce sites using popular server-side programming languages. The course provides the solid foundation for careers in development.

TCGPlayers at Careers in Code

TCGPlayers partnering with Hack Upstate and CoveyCS to train developers for career opportunities.

We look forward to supporting the 12 students. It is a great opportunity for us, as well as the other partners, to help the community grow. Lets congratulate these students. Anna Aombe, Ashton Johnson, Dakir Thompso, Dana McMullen, Elizabeth Metcalf, Eva Carafa, Jacquay Winfield, Katilyn Warboy, Karin Thorne, Katherine Tortora, Kelly Corey, Timothy Liles.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the growth of software developer jobs in the US is expected to grow 24% between 2016 and 2026. This growth is much faster than many other occupations. The rate of growth may expand due to the increase in demand for developers as the rate of technology grows at an exponential rate. There will be a great demand for employees to transfer from traditional fields to development with AI, machine learning and the expansion of the IoT.

Not only is becoming a software developer a career with the potential for large growth and job security, but it also has a higher median salary. states for the Syracuse NY area, the median salary for developers is $88,243 per year out of 133 positions surveyed. The median household income for Syracuse in $34,716 a year in 2015 according to the US Census Bureau.

Careers in Code also gives other local partners the opportunity to help the local community. Other partners include Centerstate CEO, TCGPlayers, Metis Consulting Group, Raymour and Flannigan, and Upstate Interactive. The Bootcamp also gives partners the opportunity to help structure the program and include skills needed to succeed in developer careers with local companies.

TCG Player Syracuse - Careers in Code
Centerstate CEO  Syracuse - Careers in Code

The Tech Garden Syracuse - Careers in Code
Upstate Interactive Syracuse - Careers in Code
Raymour & Flanigan Syracuse - Careers in Code
Metis Consulting Group Syracuse - Careers in Code

WAER and Spectrum Local News were both at the event. Check out the spot from Spectrum News Here. You can read WAER’s article here and listen to the radio spot below. We want to thank both news outlets for the great coverage of the event. Getting the word out on programs like this will have a great positive effect on the area.

Hack Upstate Syracuse - Careers in Code

You can find out more about Careers in Code requirements, schedules and other information here, or contact Doug Crescenzi or Jesse Peplinski. If you want to find out more about career opportunities and internships with CoveyCS, you can visit here or call 315-738-6016.