Will Your Idea be successful?

You want your idea to be successful. Launching it into the world can be frightening. CoveyCS can breathe life into your idea. Our mission is to work hand-in-hand with startups and businesses to analyze the viability of their project and give them a road-map for a successful product development launch. We focus on the technical feasibility and software feasibility of your idea and create a plan that identifies the probability of failure and success. You then get the confidence to bring your idea to the market faster.

Each project begins with consulting and analysis. Why do we do this? Because we understand that the projects that succeed are those that are thoroughly vetted long before launch day. You can trust us to leverage your idea to the greatest end.

3 Important Questions

Whether you need help with developing viable startup solutions or want to refine your
software architecture, every successful launch starts by asking the right questions.

Every new business model has its own set of challenges. At CoveyCS, we guide you towards
the right solutions by asking you the right questions. From project management to software
consulting, we adopt lean principles and apply them to your idea. Just like any other journey,
it is easier to identify your destination when you identify the challenges along the way.

With every project, we ask these three questions:

Business Analysis

Is it needed?

Sure, you love your idea, but is it sustainable as a business? Is there a real need for your product or service in your target market? We analyze your idea or software project to see how it works with the current market. Reduce your risk and eliminate failed launches by asking this simple question.

Business Analysis

What makes you competitive?

Do you know if your service or product idea is competitive against your top five competitors? If you don’t, then you could find yourself as a little fish in a big sea with nothing that makes you stand out. We clarify your competitive advantage to see where you stand in the market.

Business Analysis

Is the pricing acceptable?

Does your pricing hold up against your top five competitors? No matter how amazing your idea may be, the market always sets its price. Our startup consultants can analyze your price points and see whether or not adjustments are required.

Find Out If You’re Prepared with Our Assessment Quiz

Not sure if your product is ready for development? Our assessment quiz prepares you for full development by analyzing it as it is to see what changes are required, what technology investments might be needed, and what stage of software development your project is at.

Find out where your project stands with our quick quiz. Each question asked can have an earth-shattering affect on your business. Take the assessment quiz now.


Startup, Development & Software Consulting

Have an idea and arent sure what to do next? Meet with Doc, our VP of Software Engineering for a one-on-one 30 minute consulting session at The thINCubator or online. Doc will help you figure out what you don’t know and some of the questions you should ask, and steps you should take before beginning or continuing your software or app project.

Consulting hours are from 9am – 12pm the first Thursday of every month.

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The CoveyCS Advantage

At CoveyCS, we specialize in software and technology consulting, product development, custom software solutions, and software maintenance. With each service we provide, we offer our customers technical and business expertise that permeates every step of their development. Our expertise translates into precision software and perfect service. Choosing CoveyCS puts your product or service on the path to success.

Software Consulting

Our technical team of software consultants brings expertise in software architecture, business logic, and functionality. Each software consultation involves direct communication with our customers to see precisely what their goals are. Then, the CoveyCS engineers get to work producing the results your project requires. Thoughtful communication allows us to strengthen the foundation of your project so you can focus on the broader picture.

Product Development

At CoveyCS, our expertise has played a key role in industries and companies ranging from Global Manufacturing to Startups. Our technical experts bring rich knowledge and insight into your project. Deep software development and industry knowledge aid our customers in getting the best results each and every time. Rely on our best-in-class product development for incomparable proficiency.

Custom Software Development

Choosing the right software development partner is nonnegotiable for success. CoveyCS engineers build your software from the ground up, creating a unique software solution for your business. No matter if you require app development or reporting software, we help your business connect on a deeper level with your customers. We focus on developing value, not just results. You can count on our engineers and executive team for value-driven outcomes, the first time.

Software Maintenance

CoveyCS provides dedicated software maintenance that solves your software problems on-budget and always on-time. We develop software that supports the heart of your business functions. Our scalable, professionally designed software maintenance process helps you transition from a third-party system or launch a CoveyCS custom solution. Complete software maintenance is what you can expect when you choose our team.

Clients & Projects

Indium Corporation

Turbo Machined Products

Hubbell Galvanizing

Assured Information Security

Scout Outdoor Park Mapping Application

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Sometimes taking the first step is the hardest. If you are starting with a new software idea, or you want to upgrade your existing software, we have the solution you need. We help buy, build, and integrate software that actually works for your business. If you are a startup or an established business, see how we can optimize your software.

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