Software Strategy &
Automation Consulting

Our Software Strategy and Automation Consulting ensures that purchased
or developed software fits your exact needs and keeps your competitive edge.
Covey has completed consulting services for many international manufacturers.
We seek to find your pain points and build an obtainable plan for resolution.
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Business Analysis

Hubbell Galvanizing

See how Hubbell Galvanizing saved at least 19 days of production time, 5,500 lbs of zinc per year, reduced office materials, and improved their billing process through business analysis. Download The Hubbell Case Study

Learn how our Business Analysis helped a local galvanizing company.

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Software Solutions

With your pain points and needs discovered through our business analysis, our team of software developers will integrate our customizable software solution to improve or work with your current software system.

Removing Waste In Order Processing

Removing Waste in Order Processes

Learn how we designed a software solution that enabled a wholesaling company to save $17,000.00 annually in labor costs and an additional $39,000.00 in revenue from new sales within one year. Download Case Study

See how our software integrated with existing softwares to decrease lead time from up to 60 hours to 0 seconds.

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Waste In Order Processing


Improvement Program

Our Continuous Improvement Program provides consulting,
software support and reviews at regular intervals for the continuous
improvement of business processes and software utilization and performance.
CoveyCS will provide business process and software consulting services to
drive productivity that leads to profitability. Learn More.

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