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A reliable development team is an essential factor in determining the success of your software project. Having skilled and dedicated engineers can be the difference between mediocre results and having the software that helps make your company thrive.

CoveyCS offers thoroughly trained and qualified software engineers that can augment your team and allow you to get your project done in less time and on budget. You can scale your team up or down as your needs shift, removing the mental or fiscal strains of downsizingOur engineers leverage your existing technology and staff to help you maintain full control over your project from start to finish.

CoveyCS is a software and technology agnostic company, allowing our diverse and skilled team of engineers to integrate with your company and infrastructure easily. Contact us today to learn more about staff augmentation and its benefits to your company.

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Deciding on Staff Augmentation?

Considering staff augmentation? When you need a new software system for your company or
are building a product, one of the first tasks is determining who will create it. Hiring in-house
engineers can put a significant strain on your budget and burn through budgets or funding.

While planning, consider the following questions to determine how CoveyCS staff augmentation
can help your company achieve development and budgetary goals.

Business Analysis

What does your budget look like?

Does your budget support posting, hiring, onboarding, and potential turn over? During the planning phase, consider alternative methods of hiring a team. Staff augmentation handles the costs of recruitment and is cost effective for you. You get the engineers; we manage the hassle.

Business Analysis

How many engineers do you need and what is the full extent of your project?

Will it require continued support and updates? CoveyCS supplies the developers you require to complete your needs, whatever the project size. Our model allows your project and team to scale without hiring and development overhead costs

Business Analysis

Does your budget allow for seasoned engineers?

Does the technology you are using require specialty trained developers? CoveyCS staff augmentation services feature technology and software, agnostic engineers. No onboarding. No training. You get your project started quicker with highly trained developers.

The CoveyCS team has extensive experience augmenting highly qualified talent to take on your next project. We can easily fill the gaps in your staff, giving your project the leverage it needs to be successful. Regardless of the technical skills you require, we have the right person for your project. Our developers are highly trained in all major technologies. This gives you greater flexibility with your project. Let us match our engineers’ skillset with your software development needs, allowing you to build the strongest possible team for your development project.

At CoveyCS, our expertise has played a key role in industries and companies ranging from Global Manufacturing to Startups. Our technical experts bring rich knowledge and insight into your project. Deep software development and industry knowledge aid our customers in getting the best results each and every time. Rely on our best-in-class product development for incomparable proficiency.

CoveyCS provides dedicated software maintenance that solves your software problems on-budget and always on-time. We develop software that supports the heart of your business functions. Our scalable, professionally designed software maintenance process helps you transition from a third-party system or launch a CoveyCS custom solution. Complete software maintenance is what you can expect when you choose our team.

The CoveyCS Advantage

At CoveyCS, we specialize in software and technology consulting, product development, custom software solutions, and software maintenance. With each service we provide, we offer our customers technical and business expertise that permeates every step of their development. Our expertise translates into precision software and perfect service. Choosing CoveyCS puts your product or service on the path to success.

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Indium Corporation

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Scout Outdoor Park Mapping Application

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